About us

Boasting a Tradition of Excellence

An unwavering concern for quality has been evident in every Arthur J. Greene home that we have created in over twenty distinguished communities through-out the North Shore and surrounding suburbs. Our classic and contemporary designed residences are a blend of superior architecture, the finest materials, and Old World craftsmanship.

Our ongoing commitment to customer service allows us to carefully guide each client through the custom building process and make it an enjoyable experience. After all, making one of the largest investments of your life should be a pleasurable task.

Over the last four decades, our devotion to community development, quality home construction, and customer satisfaction has served as the basis of our company’s success.

We derive our greatest satisfaction when we drive through the many communities we have created and see how they have thrived. Not only have the trees and landscaping matured and changed, but babies have grown into young adults and parents have become grandparents. It gives us a great deal of pleasure to know that we have created an environment where each person can make their dreams come true.

Looking towards the future, we pledge our continued support to all our customers and promise to make their dream home our first priority.